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ReportageCenter Features

Our Key Features

Online Interviews

ReportageCenter helps an Organisation to have online interviews with its state of the art technology. Simplify jobs, reduce error and improve timelines with ReportageCenter.

HD Recording

Record the conversation in High Definition in mp4 format and use it afterwards for editing. Publish it once ready. 1GB of Cloud space to save the recordings.

Live Streaming

ReportageCenter has integated support Live Sharing to popular media sharing channels including YouTube. Sharing with mass made easy with ReportageCenter.

Customisable Tiling

Select the kind of tiling depending on the usage. You can set to speaker mode or you can set to a debate mode to view all the participants at once. Just do it in click of a button.

Custom Watermark and Logo

Show your brand power with your own logo and watermark during debates and interviews. No more use of logos of the service provider. Customise it as you want.

Pay as you go option

Customisable billing plans. Pay only for the amount of usage and pay the bill every month. Or pay for the whole month at once and use it as much as you want. Billing made simple.

About Us



Reportage Center is a remote meeting and interviewing solution. Its based on our cloud-based video conferencing solution. With Reportage Center, Journalism is made easy with High-Definition calling and recording facilities even in low bandwidth areas. The video quality is modified depending on the internet speed for best performance.

With ReportageCenter you can debate with upto 15 participants and Live YouTube streaming directly from Reportage Center.

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